February 21, 2024


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University Of Jos Undergraduate Fights For His Life After Being Stabbed By Female Undergraduate For Making Noise

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Image Source: https://www.gistreel.com/female-unijos-student-in-police-custody-for-stabbing-male-neighbor-in-his-chest/

A somber atmosphere has swept through the University Of Jos (UNIJOS) community as a undergraduate student’s life hangs by a thread following the event of him being stabbed on the chest by a female neighbor. On the morning of Friday, 12 January, 2024, an undergraduate of University Of Jos, Jos, Plateau State was rushed to the hospital after being assaulted by a female neighbor identified as Anita.

According to a Facebook user, Krayzeetee Atuu, the incidence came to being when the assaulted undergraduate, Julius, and his friends were in his (Julius room) talking and making loud noises. Anita was disturbed by the noise from Julius room to her room. Enraged, she took a padlock and locked Julius and his friend in his room from outside while they were still indoor.

Realizing what Anita had done, Julius and his friend were furious and demanded that she unlock the door, but she ignored them. She proceeded to give the key to someone else who unlocked the padlock and the door. An angry Julius proceeded to confront Anita about her behavior. In a blink of an eye she did the unexpected.

She came out with a knife and stabbed Julius in the chest and went back inside.

Julius was immediately rushed to the hospital and was said to have lost 4 pints of blood. Julius has been wheeled to the theater to be saved by the doctors. Prayers are being held for Julius has battles for his life, while the status of his health is currently unknown as at this report. Meanwhile, Anita has been arrested and is currently in police custody.

Krayzeetee Atuu ended his report by warning that a lot of people are not normal in this world and we all should be cautious.

News Source: https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2024/1/unijos-student-fighting-for-life-after-being-stabbed-by-female-neighbour-for-making-noise.html



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