February 21, 2024


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Korra Obidi’s Daughter Is Missing

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Image Source: https://www.gistreel.com/my-daughter-june-is-missing-korra-obidi-cries-out-accuses-ex-husband-justin-dean/

“June, my daughter, is missing.”

Popular US-based Nigerian dancer and musical artist, Anita Chuwkufumnaya Obidi, popularly known as Korra Obidi has cried out concerning the disappearance of her daughter, June.

Distraught Korra had taken to her Facebook page via a video to announce that her daughter had gone missing. According to Korra, her daughter had gone missing from school on Friday, 12 January 2024. She proceeded to state that her estranged husband, Justin Dean, was her prime suspect owing to the fact that she had just changed her daughter’s school due to her divorce with her daughter’s father, Justin. According to her, Justin had been able to find their daughter’s new school because she dropped both their names as June’s parents when registering her.

Seems like the drama between Korra and her ex, Justin, is always taking new unending directions. She expresses certainty that Justin was somehow able to locate the new school of their daughter and abduct her.

She expressed:

She said; “I went to pick June up from school and she was missing. The teacher said someone came to pick June up by 1:00 and school closes by 2pm.

“June is not with me right now. She’s missing. And of course I know who kidnapped June from her new school. This is a brand new school, she started the new school yesterday, and she didn’t even finish the whole day of her second day in school.

“When I wanted to register her in the new school I didn’t want to bring the divorce drama issues to the school. So I put the names of both parents. So that’s how he was basically able to go to school and kidnapped her.”

News Source: https://dailypost.ng/2024/01/12/my-daughter-june-is-missing-korra-obidi-raises-alarm/

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