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Nigerians Enraged As Bandits Kill One Of Six Sisters Abducted In Abuja Over 100 Million Naira Ransom

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Image source: https://leadership.ng/outrage-as-kidnappers-kill-student-in-captivity-hold-sisters-for-n100m-ransom/

The issue of insecurity has made another day gloomy for Nigerians within and in diaspora. The news of a family of 7 in Abuja being kidnapped from their home on the fateful night of Tuesday, 26 December 2023 had sent chills down the spine of Nigerians, making every one ask each other “Are we really safe?”. The state of Nigerians sanity was stretched and eventually snapped when the news got out that the kidnappers had killed one of the girls and sent it to their recently released father, Alhaji Mansoor Al-Kadriya, as a threat for him not slack in getting the 100 million ransom that they demanded.

On Friday, 12 January 2024, Najeebah Al-Kadiyar, one of the girls of the family abducted in Abuja was murdered by her and her family’s abductors. After holding the family in captivity for about 2 weeks, the father was released to find the ransom which was initially 60 million naira, then increased to 100 million. Meanwhile, while the father ran around tirelessly gathering the money and as Nigerians also joined in crowdfunding for the family with any amount they could afford,  the abductors believed they needed to speed up the cashflow.

Najeebah was murdered and her body was delivered to her father.

This sudden turn of event had sent subzero chills down the spines of Nigeria as everyone has grid their loins, enraged, in ensuring that the senseless abductors do not cause more pains than they have already done. From twitting #Najeebahandhersisters  and tagging security personnels and public servants, Nigerians are tirelessly crying out for the freedom of the family and mourning the death of Najeebah.

Najeebah Al-Kadiyar was a 400-level biological science student at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. Unfortunately, Najeebah wasn’t the only family member of Alhaji Mansoor Al-Kadriyar murdered by the abductors. During the abduction, the kidnappers had shot dead Alhaji Mansoor’s brother, Abdulfatai, who had earlier alerted the police and was taken alongside the rescue operation.

In a statement on X on Sunday, the ex-Vice President said, “I am saddened by reports of the brutal murder of Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, who was abducted with her siblings and has been in the custody of their abductors for almost two weeks. This is yet another reminder that kidnappers and bandits are operating unhindered in our country. The security architecture needs to be rejigged to the extent that it stems from the free rein of criminal elements and guarantees the safety of lives and property. The security agencies should step up action to rescue the rest who are still in the custody of the kidnappers.”

Also, former Minister of Communications Isa Pantami, offered condolences to the family and prayed for the release of the family on X. Patanmi said, “Inna lil Laahi wa inna ilaiHi Raajiun! I just read about the killing of our daughter Nabeeha (400 level, ABU). I also spoke with her father on the remaining 5 of our kidnapped daughters. May Allah forgive her, rescue others & bring absolute peace in Nigeria #Najeebahandhersisters”

Nigerians, in outrage, have called on the police force to take responsibility for the urgent release of the other family members. Former presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad wrote on X, “I join fellow concerned Nigerians in urgently calling on the @PoliceNG through its PPRO @PrinceMoye1 to acknowledge and respond to the unfortunate incident involving the kidnapping of Najeebah and five of her sisters #NajeebahAndHerSisters more than a week ago. The information shared by a family member @Adamu_Asiya_ this morning indicated that the kidnappers have tragically killed Najeebah as a warning and demanded a N100 million ransom for the release of the remaining victims.”

Today, Sunday 14 January 2024, Isa Pantami, former Minister of Communications and an Islamic cleric, has taken to his X page to announce that he had spoken to a friend, who volunteered to donate N50million balance for the ransom. He stated that although he doesn’t support paying ransom, the death of Nabeeha had changed the narrative.

Nabeeha has been buried according to Islamic rites.

News source: https://leadership.ng/outrage-as-kidnappers-kill-student-in-captivity-hold-sisters-for-n100m-ransom/

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