• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024


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Possible Step Forward for Resolution of Armenia – Azerbaijan Confict


Armenia and Azerbaijan may at long last sign a peace agreement putting an end to the raging conflict over the disputed Nagorno – Karabakh region. Giving a speech in parliament, Armenian Prime minister Nikol Pashinyan said would recognize the disputed region as belonging to Azerbaijan. In return he wants Azerbaijan to fully recognize Armenian territory within its Soviet Era borders. Yerevan called upon the West and Russia to keep the peace and prevent another war from flaring up.

The major remaining barrier on Armenia and Azerbaijan being able to sign a peace agreement is the Lachin Corridor (i.e. the only road leading to the disputed Nagorno – Karabakh region) which has been blockaded by Azerbaijan since December 12th. Azerbaijan then illegally set up a military checkpoint. This was discussed by Russian OSCE Minsk Group Co-chair Igor Khovev in a meeting with Armenia’s National Security Chief Wednesday.




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