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OnlyFans Star Elle Brook Wants to Challenge Ronda Rousey.

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Elle Brooke (OnlyFans star, boxer, and adult performer) has announced that she would like to step into the WWE Ring with Ronda Rousey.
Ronda Rousey got into the WWE after retiring from MMA in 2016. She was regarded as one of the top fighters in the history of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
Elle entered the world of celebrity boxing last year and winning 3 fights and losing none (3-0)
She was present at the KSI vs. Joe Fournier card where she gave some commentary before stripping into a skimpy bikini at Wembley Arena and doing her walk with Anthony Taylor (a former Bellator fighter) who was set to square off with Salt Papi.
Fans at the Misfits Boxing event were quick to notice her walk in the ring and quick to comment.
Rousey will be taking a break from the WWE this summer after being invited to participate in a Fox Reality Television show called “Stars on Mars” where they will take a simulated trip to the Red Planet and colonize it in an environment that simulates what conditions are like on the red planet.
It is not known at this point if Ronda will take up Elle’s offer.


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