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I Want To Identify As Man – Phyna, Big Brother Naija Season 7 Winner, Says

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26 years old reality tv star and winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7, Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has said she would love to identify as a man despite being a woman. Speaking in the latest episode of the Big Friday Show with Tacha on Cool FM Nigeria spoke about online trolls she had recently been in the center of and also touched on the issue of societal stereotypes against women.

Speaking to Tacha, she was open about how personally she wishes to identifies as a woman because of societal stereotypes against women, especially women who appear in luxury items. This statement was made in response to Tacha, the host, lamenting on how quick individuals would be to judge expensive possessions of successful women like them, like riding a good car, as what they could have only gotten from their male partners.

Going forward in the conversation, Phyna also touched on her recent social media feud with Davido.

She said, “I am a woman but most of the time, I want to identify as a man. In my next world, I want to be a man. I am a woman physically but I can identify as a man because most times they just try to talk down on you because you are a woman. And personally, when you do something to me that I don’t like, no matter who you are, I will call you out. For example, what happened between me and David [Davido] when he said he didn’t know me. Everybody said, ‘Phyna, you should have taken the opportunity to introduce yourself.’ No! Because he is David (Davido) doesn’t mean I have to kiss ar**.”

The reality star added that society needs to treat women better.

News Source: https://www.nairaland.com/7971807/why-want-identify-man-phyna

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