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Sonichen and Rosechen Script Development

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Sonichen and Rosechen live in a land called Yeppiland which is located on the planet Gaus where our story begins. Gaus is located in the Milky Way in a hidden cluster connected to Earth via portals located at various places on the planet. Gaus had evolved at about the same time as Earth.

Sonichu and his princess Rosechu are the leaders of the Sonichu clan, which is well-known on Gaus. Historically, mutant clones from the planet Gaus visited colonial Virginia sometime in the 1700s and started to cluster together in isolated settlements in the Virginia wilderness. Over time, individuals/small groups of Native Americans joined these isolated settlements. These were individuals that had left the main tribe(s) voluntarily or had been cast out.  Within a few generations there was an established Sonichu clan of these mutant clones and exiled Native Americans.  Gradually most of them emigrated to Planet Gaus where their eccentricities were much better accepted in Gausian society than on Earth.

Leader of the Sonichu clan (Sonichu and his princess Rosechu)

Slaweel Clan

Their arch-rival the Slaweel Clan had originated shortly before the Sonichu clan. The enmity between the two clans was the result of continual mishaps between the two groups as well as deep irreconcilable differences between the two. Some of these mutants including Slaweel were linked to the Transgabriel Element Satanium at the time of the fall during the early evolution of the planet Gaus.

The more junior members of the Sonichu clan were entirely based on Planet Gaus.