• Sun. Mar 5th, 2023

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

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Kenneth Engelhardt

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Kenneth Engelhardt is an amateur online blogger who lives in Warwick, Rhode Island and is developing an online presence on the internet. After a rather awkward start by trial and error, he is slowly learning his way around WordPress and blogging. Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt devotes his time to finding interesting subjects to blog and discuss on his website. Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt has also taken an interest into researching various historical subjects which he hopes to be able to put up on his websites to provide additional interesting material for his audience.

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt
Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

In addition to his writing, Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt or is also an amateur artist who has taken to developing an online fantasy, manga novel which revolves around artistic creations that he developed entirely on his own. Inspiration for the novel was drawn in part from the infamous internet comic series Sonichu, as well as his natural talents for writing.

In addition, Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BBA. Kennesaw State University is in Kennsaw, Georgia. Kennesaw is in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and is one of the fastest growing universities. It is a senior member of the University System of Georgia.

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt is continuing with the development of his website collection that he is currently working on in WordPress. He will currently have a series of websites up and running that he hopes will inform and entertain the reader on various areas of interest so that the visitor will want to come back and visit again and again.

On this particular website, Kenneth is working to develop an online, interesting and entertaining novel that will keep the readers glued to their seats and coming back for more. His desire is to put a 110% into his work for his fans.

His flagship website is KennethErwinEngelhardt.com