The Old Novel

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Planet Gaus

The Planet Gaus occupies a unique status in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is approximately the same size as Earth with similar temperatures and atmospheres. It’s environment gave it a unique setting for a lot of the vegetation and animal life found on earth to grow and thrive on Gaus. While there are several landmasses, there are two large landmasses which stand out in particular. Named the Jurassic and Aibara continents respectively, these two landmasses are separated by the Eastern Sea which is one of the largest bodies of water on the planet. Various countries with their cities, their people, and their capitals are located on both the Jurassic and Ibara Continents.

Known as the misfit planet, Gaus is populated by various misfits and mutants who chose to immigrate or who were cast off here. These mutants who call Gaus home live not only among the general population in the various countries, but also occupy the uninhabited areas. Among the various creatures who called Gaus home were banished descendents of pokemon characters, mutant clones of MLP who had been thrown out of Ponyland, Yettichus, and even rumors of a transgendered Santa Claus that lived….somewhere.
There are several portals on Gaus that not only connect to the planet earth but also connect to several other planets as well. Notable among these are the Planet Bollywoggles and the Planet Scarasia Blue. The countries located on the Jurassic Continent on the western side of the Eastern Sea include: Kingdom of Typge – Capital:Siluria, Kingdom of Nadus – Capital:Mutrak, State of Furad – Capital:Juba, Rose Croix Republic – Capital:Toulouse, Kingdom of Malkuth – Capital: Yesod, Chickish Republic – Capital:Chickish City and the Kingdom of Turkey – Capital:Arakna.

The countries located on the Aibara Continent on the eastern side of the Eastern sea include: State of Hindustan – Capital:Isanarav, State of Christian Rosenkruez – Capital:Greenville, State of Learsi – Capital:Port Abraham, Republic of Christiansburg – Capital:Corinth, Kingdom of Aibara Iduas – Capital:Haydir, and the State of Africanople – Capital:Naitsirhc City.

Gaus and indeed the entire universe is influenced by a series of unique series elements known as the Transgabriel elements. They are as follows: Berithium, DiLenthium (N Series), Satanium, Andromalinite, Naberium, Orobasium, Gabrielium, Jesumium, Mohemdenium, Abramite, Jehannium.

The Trans-Gabriel series of elements were created at the time of the famous rebellion in heaven. In one final act of spite while Lucifier was being cast out of heaven, he reached out with his outstretched arm to try and drag everything that was created by God down with him into hell. What he succeeded in dragging down with him was perverted. One of the angels disgusted at what he saw reached out with his arm and tried stopping this. He was partially successful. These unique elements are exciting to work with but in the wrong hands, they are potentially very dangerous.

There are four major world sites on Gaus. The DiLenthium Portal in Christiansburg, God’s Convergence in Aibara Iduas, the Gausian Repository in Learsi, and the Chaos Ruby in Christian Rosenkruez. They are described as follows.

The Dilenthium Portal in Christiansburg is a portal of entry that leads underground to some of the Transgabriel elements. God’s Convergence in Aibara Iduas is a religious place of pilgrimage and the convergence of the bands of planetary energy on Gaus. The Gausian Repository in Learsi is the storehouse of knowledge (i.e. the great library of all Gaus).

The Chaos Ruby in Christian Rosenkruez is a relic of one of the original crystals as old as Gaus. It is reported that there are other mystical crystals and relics.

Sitting on the western border of Nadus, the city of Aff sprawled over an area of about 30 square miles with a population of about 85,000 The central business district was about 3 miles from the border with most of the city running to the south and east of the Nadus border. Aff is the only major city in western Nadus. In addition to being Sonichen’s hometown, it was the hometown of the old mutant and JeeJee the Romulan.

Aff is located in the Kingdom of Nadus which is located south of Typge and borders the countries of Rose-Croix Republic and Furad. Mutrak with a population of 250,000 and an area of 50 square miles serves as the capital and is located just south of the beginning of the southern leg of Nadus. Mutrak is almost the same distance from the Rose-Croix and Furad borders.

The largest city by far is Port Nadus which has about 500,000 people covers an area of 75 square miles. Another mutant by the name of Frankenchu was originally from Port Nadus. The mutant race of Yettichus (who were rather weary of strange places and people) lived in the wilderness area to the west outside of Nadus. Occasionally they would venture into Aff, but they never ventured into Mutrak or Port Nadus. Some of them lived near the Ice Mountains. Yettichus were reportedly a race of Sasquatch mutants.

Semi-autonomous areas of Nadus include the Pony Corridor and the Rhinerchu Corridor. These areas were set aside as a refuge for the Mutant Ponies and Rhinerchus. The Pony Corridor lies north of Aff and north and west of the urban area and is home to all the mutant horses of Gaus. The Pony Corridor contained the only portal that connected to Ponyland of MLP. Caught in the crossfire of a demon it was permanently sealed shut. The Rhinerchu Corrider lies directly north of the Pony Corridor.It is a long narrow corridor that starts at the northeast border of the Pony Corridor and extends almost to the border of Typge. The Rhinerchus were placid herbavores.

Chapter 2 Sonichen

As Sonichen stood in a field on a warm summer night, the stars twinkled and the crickets chirped. Among the mutant clones was Sonichen, a native of Nadus in the city of Aff. He was by all appearances a typical male teenager except that he had an extra pair of tentacles with an extra head at the end of one tentacle and a giant eyeball at the end of the other tentacle. Sonichen was friends with JeeJee the Romulan and Rosechen. JeeJee the Romulan in turn had connections with the Mutant Ponies in the Pony Corridor.

Sonichen was dealing with the tribulations of his friend Purchella Asperchen-Chonisen. Purchella was a new arrival in Nadus who had recently fled to escape the bloody feud between the Chonisen Gausian and Beelzium clans in the Union of Boothland-Gausville. . Someone from the Beelzium clan had earmarked him for retaliation for a supposed wrong. The Chonisen Gausian – Beelzium feud well-known in Boothland-Gausville was rumored to have originated in the backwoods of the Appalachians and then for some unknown reason ended up transplanted to Gaus to the misfortune of the locals.

Sonichen and his friend Purchella lived in the city of Aff in the Kingdom of Nadus but tonight, both had wandered out into the uninhabited area just west of Nadus on an excursion to search for clues. “This place gives me the creeps, I feel like somebody’s watching us” Purchella remarked as he and Sonichen passed a forest nearby. “I feel it too” replied Sonichen. His tentacled eyeball was upright and alert, always aware of the surroundings. “We’ve done all we could for tonight Sonichen. Let’s go back to Aff.” said Purchella.

In the shadows, a pair of figures (Yettichus) silently observed. “Daddy who were those people?” asked Nelle. “That guy with the tentacles was Sonichen. I don’t know who the other one was.” replied Nelle’s father.

“What were you expecting to find?” asked Sonichen. I’m not quite sure, I’m wondering if someone from Gausville had tailed me down here. From what I’ve heard in town and back home there was supposedly ruins of an old settlement in this area that is sometimes used by trekkers wandering through.

“Why do you think someone would someone be tailing you from Gausville?” inquired Sonichen. “Not too long ago, there were some phone tips given to the Ministry of Justice in Boothland about some shady business dealings in Gausville that pointed to a couple of people in the Beelzium clan. A friend of mine had been approached by one of the suspects and he turned to me for advice.”

“Gausville is basically a bunch of little towns that run together and the two big families in this feud are the Gausian Chonisens and the Beelziums. The matriarch of the Beelziums is some….furry… whatever you would call it with a wolf-like head, wolf’s claws, a pair horse’s hooves, and two breast plates with tusks attached to them. It’s her facial appearance that gets me. She has these blood red eyes with blue pupils that almost burn a hole in your soul when she fixates her gaze on you.”

How did Beelzium….?

“Beelzium is an otherkin. Specifically, she’s partially wolfkin. The Beelzium clan is partially wolfkin. They migrated to Boothland and set up shop in Gausville. Beelzium already had kin back on Earth in the States. This was the same for the Chonisen clan as well. I don’t know how it ended up here. There is documentation or evidence somewhere on Gaus but I wouldn’t know where to look.” replied Purchella.

While there was a degree of uncertainty among the residents, the Beelzium clan raised more than a few eyebrows when they moved to Gausville. There were rumors, some of them made their money with some of the more unsavory side of life. Things only got worse with stories of devil worship and black masses leaking out through the grapevine.

“You said the Beelzium clan migrated to Boothland and Gausville. Where were they before they immigrated Boothland and Gausville?” asked Sonichen.

“They came from up north around Nomolos in Northern Typge. There were other small groups even further north from the subarctic wilderness area that later joined them.” replied Purchella.
“What about the Chonisen clan?” asked Sonichen.

“They’ve pretty much been a fixture in Boothland and Gausville.” replied Purchella.

Chapter 3 The Beelzium/Chonisen Feud

It was a long time ago that some of the descendents from the Chonisen Clan in Butlerstown area of, Kentucky immigrated to Gaus and settled in Boothland-Gausville. Groups from the Beelzium clan who immigrated to Gaus originally settled near Nomolos in Northern Typge) as well as in the far north in the subarctic wilderness area. The group that settled in the subarctic later migrated to Nomolos and merged with other members of the Beelzium Clan. They later settled in the Boothland-Gausville area. Boothville-Gausville was an area the Beelziums felt comfortable calling home in addition to seeking economic opportunity.

Mutant Descendents of the Chonisen Clan were much more diverse. While a significant portion who immigrated to Gaus settled in Boothland-Gausville from the very beginnng, this was not necessarily the case with all Chonisen mutants. More distant mutant races such as the Yettichus and other groups were scattered all over and not confined to any one area on Gaus. Those members of the Chonisen clan who immigrated to the Boothland-Gausville did so for the same reasons the Beelzium clan did.

The feud between the Beelziums and Chonisens went back a number of generations and with each passing year it seemed to intensify. However with the arrival of Dr. Theodore Kazenick Kintobor and partnering with the Beelzium Clan, a new chapter in the feud opened up. Dr. Kintobor knew of the existence of the Trans-Gabriel series of elements and used his connection with the Beelzium Clan to obtain some of them for his research. It was this research with reports of theft and sexual offenses that eventually let to his arrest and conviction. Unfortunately there was a technicality that led to him being released by mistake. Upon his release Kintobor knew he had to get out of the country as soon as possible. Because of Beelzium’s influence about town, some of the townsfolk had gone to the Clan for loans that they were not qualified to obtain anywhere else. A window of opportunity opened with Beelzium’s discovery of two employees at the research facility who were regulars at the casino and were already in trouble with creditors. Beelzium was happy to help them with their problem, but for a price. The two employees didn’t have much of a choice on getting a loan elsewhere and had to accept Beelzium’s terms. By the time the incident was found out, it was already too late as far as Kintobor was concerned. He had fled the country for an unknown destination in the tropics. With Beelzium’s financial help and a couple members of the clan that went with him, he set up shop in a ramshackle laboratory. Several months after he started, rumors of sightings of strange creatures started coming from nearby villages. At first they were brushed off but then someone trapped one of these creatures and showed it to authorities. Mortified, the authorities moved to detain Kintobor and confiscate the laboratory. However, Kintobor released the mutants into the nearby jungle and then fled the scene as authorities moved in. Two of his assistants were caught and eventually tried, and found guilty. Kintobor managed to flee sucessfully and was never caught. Both the Chonisen and Beelzium Clans knew of the existance of the Planet Gaus: However, knowledge and experience in working with these supernatural elements had given the Beelzium Clan the Upper Hand at least for the time being.

It wasn’t until many years later with the Butlerstown Massacre that this came to light.

A cloud of acrid smoke hung in the air over Butlerstown, Kentucky. Amid the rubble, a prostate Chonisen was laying on the ground his sides heaving in and out. Beside him was a lifeless figure that perfumed the air with blood and feces as flies buzzed around. Its body was battered with bite marks covering it. A missing limb had been torn from its socket.
A few minutes before, he heard a voice screaming at him, “You’re done Chonisen! And by the time I’m finished, you will be busted physically, financially and spiritually”.
As he slipped in and out of a dreamlike state, Chonisen was vaguely aware of being lifted by several people and being carried to safety. Chonisen recognized the voice that screamed at him while he had been lying on the pavement.  He was a long time adversary of Chonisen and was partnered with the Beelzium clan -headed by the matriarch (Beelzium the Witch).

“Thank God, he’s still alive. He can’t take on anything like that”

“What…..?” croaked Chonisen in a hoarse voice.

“You were bashed unconscious by the monster’s tail. We carried you away from there as soon as possible. There was nothing that could be done for your brother. I am truly sorry for your loss.”

Chonisen closed his eyes grieving silently.

Laying in bed from the from the safety of a makeshift safe house, Chonisen could only briefly glance out the window at a broken city being torn apart and for now there was nothing anyone could do about it.
For a minute when he closed his eyes, he thought he saw the terrifying image of his adversary Demonchu.
Later on that evening, as things had quieted down people started coming out to view the wreckage. Some of the Chonisen clan were huddled together talking softly among themselves. “What the heck was that thing?” someone asked? “It looked like some kind of dinosaur.” someone else answered.

Chapter 4 Kintobor

In the darkness a heavily-muscle figure sat in the darkness quietly observing. People didn’t know him, but his green helmet with the cattle horns were his dreaded tradmark. Some say it was a barbarian warrior, others thought it was an evil mutant from the same area as the Wolf-fly. Others thought it was an ally of Slaweel the Witch in Boothland.

A fearsome character he had flaming red hair, he had a green helmet with cattle horns that hid his now disfigured face from an incident long ago, jagged gray wings, a multicolored collar that fit around his neck, an armoured plate that rested against his clavicle and covered his shoulders. His parasitic spawn protruded from his chest

Her birth was a day of remembrance. In an unnamed ranshackle doctor’s office, he lay drifting in and out of consciousness as the little wormunculus slowly surfaced to the epidermis and burst open through the skin sending down little rivers of blood. She had three arms each of them with two hook-like claws at the end of each hand, puckery red lips, two large compound eyes like that of a fly and a worm-like body with spikes on either side. While the spawn lived a parasitic existance mostly from the blood vessels that nourished the chest, it was happy to snack on little pieces of raw meat that he fed it on occasion or a careless fly or mosquito that ventured too close.

Chapter 5 Herkimer Gridelphion

In the Junkyard Corridor, the fires from the blast furnaces periodically lit up the night. Herkimer Gridelphion made his home in an abandoned manufacturing building next to an abandoned junkyard. A half dragon/half mecha figure it was rumored that Herkimer Gridelphion was put together by a businessman who owned a fleet of lunch wagons and a ramshackle laboratory that he tinkered around in with his friends during his off hours.

Chapter 6 Buffalo Cube

Up in the heavens, an adversary was watching. He remembered him. He remembered his experiments, he remembered his cruelty in the jungle. From the tips of his ivory and brown buffalo horns down to his wide nostrils, he was determined to take him down. The other five sides of the cube fed energy into the side with his embedded face and horns and on occasion he changed to a bright golden color.  Buffalo Cube was a silent partner of Sonichen and Sonichu.

Buffalo Cube was not a native of Gaus but was a frequent visitor. While there was no definitive evidence, there were a few rumors that he was the one who intervened when Sonichu was attacked back in Virginia.Buffalo Cube’s thoughts slid back to his battle with Kintobor. With those terrible horns and saber-tooth like canines, Buffalo Cube left Kintobor with a Mark of Cain.

Buffalo Cube was associated with Mecha and the Horsipillar on their junkyard whale.

Chapter 1 Sonichu Kawaii

As Sonichu-Gaus walked along in the forest, a volcano rumbled in the distance. Little did he know there was someone watching him. Sonichu-Gaus was on a search for the rare crystals and there were rumors they were hidden in the somewhere in the caves of the Ice Mountain range. The Yettichus were familiar with this area. Sonichu-Gaus was deep in thought when he happened to notice the floppy-eared purple creature that happened to jump out from some covering.

Why “hi there” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen you around here before. You certainly look preoccupied.” Sonichu-Gaus was a little taken back by the floppy-eared figure with large hands at the end of each of the two ears.  He stood on gray feet with the rest of his body an intense lavender color with a broad smile. However, appearances were deceiving. Those two floppy arms were surprisingly strong despite their floppy appearance.

“Do you live here?” asked Sonichu-Gaus. “Yes I do,” replied the floppy-eared lavender figure. “I live in the forest around the mountains with the Yettichus.” “My name is Sonichu-Gaus” replied Sonichu-Gaus. My distant clones were Sonichu and Rosechu in Cwcville, Virginia. “Ah, so you are one of the mutant clones. My name is Gondor. The Yettichus here are also distant descendants of the Sonichu and Rosechu. There are many mutant clones on Planet Gaus,” replied Gondor.

“Yes, so I’ve heard” replied Sonichu-Gaus. Some of them were reportedly descendants of the Kintobor epic after his laboratory went down in flames.

“You are on a quest for the magic crystals and the lost records. Come, I must introduce you to Rosella the Lavender Wave. She might be able to help you”, replied Gondor.