Chapter 4: The Development

Chapter 4: Development

The morning started off unusually cool. A morning fog hung in the air like a cool curtain with the dew unusually heavy on the ground. As the breakdown continued, the Ombryo was slowly developing a lattice of intersecting lines that cris-crossed it every couple of miles or so. Later on in the afternoon, a band of thunderclouds would darken the sky. As the dark storm clouds roiled across the sky, lazy flashes of lightning appeared to jump from cloud to cloud. The storm winds blew across the meadows and the woodlands like a rolling carpet of air alternating with intermittent sheets of rain. The old was gradually being washed away and replaced with the new, or so it seemed.

Up in the heavens, there were faint visions (only a few seconds each) of angels and dinosaur-like MLPs blowing horns, singing and dancing fa-la-la-la.

After a final push of air, the rain finally stopped, but the wind kept on blowing. A colder wind now started to blow across the Ombryo. At the base of a tree a tiny patch of almost microscopic white and green fungi was taking root amid a dying luminescent plant crawler. Patches of tougher dry grasses and brambles were now growing among the original tender vegetation and slowly taking over.

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